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First conceived in 2016, Chasing Space is the alias of long-time DJ & Production duo Matthew Garton and Roger Aquino. The pair decided the name ‘Chasing Space’ was a good representation of their ambitions of finding and owning their own style that existed in it’s own ‘space’ within the South African music scene.

Their sound is heavily influenced by the House records they fell in love with in their early clubbing years and is peppered with elements of Techno, Funk and Punky spirit often stripped back into infectious dubbed-out grooves.

In 2017 The pair embarked on a new venture by launching event brand Gaplife which, a year later turned into a record label co-run by long time collaborator Toochi.

Chasing Space are a duo with a very good idea of who they are and what music they want to make, combine this with big ambitions a bit of street-wise Joburg spirit and you have the exciting take on House music that is Chasing Space.